Top 7 Best White Gaming Mouses

Best White Gaming Mouses

If you are into esports, you know the struggle of not having a good enough mouse to properly play your favorite games on PC. Mushy buttons, inaccurate tracking, and latency and comfortability issues can lead to disastrous gameplay.

Requirements, of course, depends on what type of game you are playing. Regardless, one should invest in a gaming-specific mouse to make sure everything will work fine as you get into action.

While the specification is important, a design language is also just as important for many when shopping for a new gaming mouse. A comfy, but the good-looking product is one of our many major considerations. This is especially important if you are following a theme for a PC setup.

With that said, in this article, we will be listing down 7 of what we think are the best white gaming mouses in the market; a perfect choice of color for that clean, minimalist desk setup.

Note that while wired mouses are preferred when gaming, we will be including a wireless gaming mouse in this list as it deserves its mention due to its tested performance in gaming applications.

Top 7 Best White Gaming Mouse

From a regular white gaming mouse to fancy white RGB mouses, here’s what we think are the best white gaming mouses to buy in 2022:

1. Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The Razer brand has always been dedicated to bringing the best out of your money when it comes to gaming. Razer has been one of the most trusted brands in the gaming community for years now from gaming smartphones to gaming laptops.

The Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse shares that same DNA. Its fancy ergonomics screams gaming all over the place. It’s no surprise as the TE on its name means “Tournament Edition.”

This gaming mouse is made for extreme esports players. With that said, the Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous is very particular with its design. It fits both right and left-handed gamers, hence the word “ambidextrous” on the name.

It also includes programmable buttons on both sides, accessible regardless of what hand you are using. Furthermore, the ridged, and rubberized scroll wheel also increases the grip and tactility, allowing a more controlled scrolling in a high-stakes gaming situation.

The Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse features an esports-grade optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI and fluid 450 Inches Per Second (IPS) tracking. This accurate resolution mouse will give you a more accurate and precise tracking when playing games. Razer claims that the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Ambidextrous has a resolution accuracy of 99.4%, giving a more pinpoint precision tracking. This number of resolution accuracy is way higher than most gaming mouses in the market.

To those concerned about the lights, the Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous has a customizable Chroma RGB color profile with up to a whopping 16.8 million combinations including some presets profiles. Customization doesn’t end there as the buttons on this mouse is also programmable through Razer Synapse.


  1. Esports-grade optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI.
  2. Highly precised 450 inches per second tracking with 99.4% resolution accuracy.
  3. Ambidextrous design means it fits perfectly whatever hand you use.
  4. Customizable buttons, and Chroma RGB via Razer Synapse.
  5. Ridged, and rubberized scroll for a more controlled scrolling.


  1. Might be a little expensive for many at a regular price of $79.99.
  2. Limited selection of colors.

2. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech, another reputable brand for PC accessories, also has many mouse options for the gaming community. One of these is the Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse. As mentioned earlier, this post is mostly just about wired white gaming mouses due to it being preferred more by esports players.

However, this particular product caught our attention with its gaming-specific features, which can compete with the products on this list.

At first glance, the Logitech G305 Lightspeed looks a bit like one of those generic wireless mouses in the market. Spec-wise, you would say otherwise.

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is just a little cheaper than the Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous. It offers a next-generation Hero optical sensor with 12,000 DPI sensitivity, zero smoothing and 10 times more power-efficient than the previous generations. In fact, it can now handle continuous gameplay up to 250 hours via a single AA battery.

The main issue esports players have with wireless gaming mouse is the latency. Logitech made sure to solve this problem with its super-fast 1 ms response time. Logitech claims that the Logitech G305 Lightspeed is even faster than wired mouses in the market.

 The design is also made lightweight at just about 99 grams, or 3.36 ounces. This allows for a maximum maneuverability maximum speed reaches 400 inches per second (IPS), with a max acceleration of 40G.


  1. Next-generation optical sensor with 200 to 12,000 DPI sensitivity, and a maximum speed of 400 inches per second (IPS).
  2. A single AA battery can serve up to 250 hours of gameplays, about 10 times more efficient than previous models.
  3. Wireless, with a super-fast 1 ms latency.
  4. Lightweight at just about 99 grams.


  1. Just a little cheaper than the Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous.
  2. Bland design.

3. Cooler Master MM711 60G Gaming Mouse

Cooler is relatively unheard of in the mainstream gaming community. But scan through all its products, and you’ll see a lot of competitive offerings. One of those offerings is the Cooler Master MM711 60G Gaming Mouse, although it is quite a handful for a gaming mouse.

The Cooler Master MM711 60G is a white gaming mouse, with a unique perforated honeycomb design for breathability and comfort. This design also allows for a lightweight gaming mouse at just about 60 grams, hence the 60G on its name.

It even retains the same lightweight design with its wire. Instead of using typical plastic, or rubber-like polymers, Cooler decided to go with what they call an “Ultraweave cable” to reduce weight, and resolve that annoying cable pull.

As for the mouse feet, Cooler used an FTPE material to allow that smooth, frictionless glide when in high-stakes gaming. It is also ambidextrous, that means the ergonomic will work well regardless of what hand you are using when gaming.

But the Cooler Master MM711 60G didn’t just make its product look good, but also competitive in terms of specification. It uses a gaming-grade Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor with 16,000 DPI. This is the same level of resolution as the more expensive Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous above. In comparison, the Cooler Master MM711 60G retails at just $59.99.

Furthermore, the switch they are using for this product is Omron branded. It can handle up to 20+ million clicks on its entire lifetime.


  1. Uses a gaming-grade Pixart PMW3389 sensor with up to 16,000 DPI for accurate tracking.
  2. Has a great perforated honeycomb design for level of comfort and breathability. Perfect for long gameplays.
  3. Super-lightweight design at just 60 grams.
  4. Cheaper than the other gaming mouses on this list.
  5. Offers eye-catching RGB lighting.


  1. Only two buttons are programmable.
  2. 7 grams heavier than the previous Cooler MM710.

4. Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

Another Razer gaming mouse on our list is the Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse. However, despite its venomous sounding moniker, it is no better than the previous snake-inspired Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous, or anything on this list.

What it can offer though is give the best possible value of your money. With that said, it still looks way better than most white gaming mouses in the market. Don’t confuse this with the regular Razer DeathAdder though, as that one offers up to 16,000 DPI.

The Razer DeathAdder Essential can only offer up to 6,400 DPI – a still good enough number for accurate and pinpoint tracking in gaming.

You can also program the five hyper response button for a more customized experience. These buttons are remappable using the Razer Synapse. Just like the Razer Lancehead TE Ambidextrous, the Razer DeathAdder Essential also improved the tactility, grip, and overall control of the scroll wheel by using a rubberized material, with ridges. The switch is also Omron-branded which can handle up to 10+ million clicks in its entire lifetime.

Finally, while it doesn’t have a fancy RGB lighting like its more expensive brothers, the Razer DeathAdder Essential does have a single color white LED lighting which bleeds to the corners of the mouse for that added attitude.


  1. The design is almost similar to the more expensive Razer gaming mouses.
  2. It is one of the cheapest gaming mouses on this list at just $49.99 regular price (now being listed on Amazon at just $29.99).
  3. Omron-branded switch which can withstand up to 10+ million plus clicks.
  4. Has five remappable buttons, configurable via Razer Synapse.


  1. Can only support up to 6,400 DPI.
  2. There is no RGB lighting. Just a single white LED light.

5. Redragon Griffin M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The Redragon brand is also one of those brands that the mainstream users didn’t have an idea it exists. However, ask many esport players, and they may tell you it is one of the best brands for affordable gaming mouses out there.

The Redragon Griffin M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse is probably the cheapest white RGB mouse on this list. Its high-precision optical sensor supports up to 7,200 DPI sensitivity and offers profile switching with DPI color indicator.

This can also be adjusted in many different profiles like 800 DPI, 1,200 DPI, 1,600 DPI, 2,500 DPI, and 7,200 DPI. The Redragon Griffin M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse is also rated with 10G acceleration.

To ensure a frictionless experience, Redragon used a Teflon material for a smoother glide for the feet pads. Finally, the Redragon Griffin M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse features 8 programmable buttons and 7 RGB color modes that bleed through the corners and logo of the mouse. The USB connector is also gold-plated for added protection.


  1. At only $24.99, it is the cheapest white RGB mouse on this list.
  2. Has a better 7,200 DPI than the more expensive Razer DeathAdder Essential, with a decent 10G acceleration rating.
  3. 8 programmable buttons, and 7 RGB color modes.
  4. Gold-plated USB connector to avoid corrosion in the future.


  1. A little heavy at 5.3 ounces, or 150 grams which can become a problem in long gameplays.
  2. Can have issues with cable pull due to using a regular cable.

6. Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse

The Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse is one of the more popular gaming mouses on this list. It sits between the less expensive and most expensive mouse price range, so it kind of shares both qualities.

It looks kind of like the Cooler Master MM711 with only less honeycomb perforations. Regardless, the same design was utilized to lessen the product’s weight and allows for breathability and bleeding of that eye-catching RGB lighting.

 The Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse uses an ascended cord for a more lightweight and flexible wireless feel. This should lessen the cable pull which greatly affects gameplay in high-stakes games.

Glorious used a 100% pure virgin PTFE material on the feet of the Model D which they call a “G-Skates” to enable a frictionless glide. The switch is also made by Omron, and rated to withstand up to 20+ million clicks. There is also a dedicated DPI indicator on the bottom, near the optical sensor. Speaking of the optical sensor, the Glorious Model D comes with a gaming-grade Pixart 3360 with a maximum of 12,000 DPI for accurate tracking. It also boasts a 1000 Hz polling rate, and less than 0.7mm lift-off distance.


  1. Eye-catching perforated honeycomb design, with RGB lighting.
  2. Uses Pixart 3360 optical sensor which maximises at 12,000 DPI for tracking accuracy.
  3. Uses an Omron-branded switch rated to withstand up to 20 million clicks.
  4. Uses a 100% pure virgin PTFE material for the feet for frictionless navigation.
  5. Fairly lightweight at 2.4 ounces or 68 grams.


  1. A little more on the expensive side.
  2. Less color selection.

7. Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse

Finally, we will go back to a more mainstream brand for the last product in our list. This time, from the American Corsair Gaming Inc, Specifically, with the Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming mouse.

Talking about bang for a buck, this probably is the best pick in this list if you want to save some bucks, but want to settle with a name-brand product, with good enough specification. The Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse retails at only $39.99 but has almost all the previously mentioned products’ specifications.

Design-wise, the Corsair M55 RGB Pro Wired Ambidextrous Multi-Grip Gaming Mouse will not win any awards.

It follows the regular more traditional mouse design, with smoother curves, and bumpy grips. Corsair designed this product to be ambidextrous. That means, both left and right-handed gamers can enjoy the product, and benefit its ergonomics.

However, it is with the performance and price ratio though that we decided to crown the Corsair M55 RGB Pro as one of the best choices on the list. It features a gaming-grade high-precision optical sensor which maximizes at 12,400 DPI. The switches are made by Omron and are rated to withstand up to 50 million clicks.

It also has a braided cable for added strength, and less cable pull when playing games. Aside from the dedicated DPI switcher, all the eight buttons are also programmable via Corsair iCue Software. As a bonus, if you have compatible Corsair peripherals, you can also configure the vivid dynamic RGB lighting control for synchronization.


  1. One of the cheapest white gaming mouses on this list at only $39.99.
  2. Ambidextrous design allows use for both left and right-handed gamers.
  3. Gaming-grade high-precision optical sensor rated up to 12,400 DPI, with dedicated DPI switcher button.
  4. Made with Omron-branded switches, rated up to 50 million clicks.
  5. Braided cables for added protection, and less cable pull.
  6. Dynamic, vivid RGB lighting synchronization with compatible Corsair peripherals via Corsair iCue Software.
  7. Lightweight at only 86 grams.


  1. Plain design, with less color choices.
  2. The dynamic RGB lighting only bleeds through a single whole.


Gaming mouses are quite expensive, and so some gamers choose to use ordinary mouses for their gameplays. However, when you know where to look and what to look for, many affordable gaming mouses in the market feature a beautiful design and ergonomics and competitive specifications. I suggest to always look for gaming mouses under the brands mentioned above. Also, the older they get in the market, the cheaper they get.

With that said, I highly advise that you look for older releases from these brands. Just into consideration the ergonomics, DPI, and the switches used. Design and the RGB lights can only come after.

Happy gaming!

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