Bluetooth Mouse vs Wireless Mouse: Which is better?

Bluetooth Mouse vs Wireless Mouse

Undoubtedly, the use of a wireless mouse makes your daily life simpler. You do not have to hassle with the wires, and you can position your mouse wherever you feel like. But a wireless mouse is of two types, one with Radiofrequency technology, i.e., RF and other Bluetooth.

USB dongle is required to plug in the Radio Frequency mouse on your device. This USB port generally lies inside the back cover of the mouse. It perfectly fits into any USB port; that’s all that is required to use the mouse.

The other type of mouse is a Bluetooth mouse. It works on the same principle as Wireless mice. It has a transmitter that automatically gets connected to your device. However, you may be required to modify some settings, such as connectivity options. To use a Bluetooth Mouse, you need to enable any customizations and give permissions to pair the mice to your computer.

Every coin has two sides; similarly, each input device has its pros and cons. We will tell you about them and then compare them to make a correct decision. For the right choice of your mouse, you should select according to your preferences.

Bluetooth Mouse vs Wireless Mouse

Here is a brief overview of both Bluetooth and Wireless mouses.

What is A Bluetooth Mouse?

Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse comes in a comprehensive range of features, and one can use that on different devices when needed.

Unlike the other Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones and speakers, Bluetooth mice have not gained much fame. It’s probably because of its high prices, interference exposure, and configurational needs.


  • It occupies less space and is hassle-free
  • Many Free Ports


  • The Mouse Has a Battery Life
  • Consumes more Battery of Your Laptops
  • It is not suitable for Gamers!
  • Weighs More!

How Does a Bluetooth Mouse Work?

A popular technology employed by Wireless Mouse is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a network that has the power to connect computer devices like printers, keyboards, headphones, and one such device is a Bluetooth-enabled mouse.

A Bluetooth device can connect multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously, also known as PAN. It stands for Personal Area Network. Bluetooth covers devices in the range of 10 meters or around 33 feet.

Bluetooth devices operate using RF technology in a range of 2.4 GHz. It restricts network disruption by a technique known as spread-spectrum frequency hopping. Some WiFi devices like cordless telephones, microwave ovens, and others also work in the 2.4GHz range of 2.4GHz.

Bluetooth’s version 1.2 has an AFH (adaptive frequency hopping) that’s elevated frequency hopping technology meant to prevent interference amongst the other 2.4 GHz communicable devices.

What is a Wireless Mouse?

You can connect the wireless mouse to any computer or a laptop via Bluetooth Network, infrared rays, or radiofrequency. A wireless mouse is the best option while traveling; however, it is not reliable and accurate like a wired mouse.

This section will discuss wireless mice based on infrared rays or radiofrequency technology-driven wireless mice.


  • No constraints due to wires
  • Does not need any mouse pad
  • Covers a wide range during Usage


  • Needs batteries for using
  • Expensive than Wired Mouse
  • It’s not reliable and accurate like a wired mouse

How Does a Wireless Mouse Work?

Most wireless mice use radiofrequency technology to communicate and transmit information to your user efficiently. Since it uses RF-based technology, it needs two components: a transmitter and a receiver. 

A Wireless mouse comes with a transmitter that sends EM (radio) signals to decrypt all the information about your mouse’s motion and all the buttons you click. The receiver connected with your Laptop or PC receives the signals from the transmitter, decrypts them, and is given to the mouse driver software using the PC’s operating system.

A receiver could also be an accessory plugged into your computer. This receiver is a special card plugged in an expansion slot or an inbuilt part.

Bluetooth Mouse vs Wireless Mouse: Differences

Bluetooth MouseWireless Mouse
Connectivity A bluetooth mouse has a transmittter inserted in it and therefore does not need any additional device.A wireless mouse or an RF mouse use radio frequency technology with the help of a dongle.
CompatibilityBluetooth is compatible with all the latest devices, however they won’t be supported by older devices.Wireless mouse can be used by any device that has a port. Both old and new device have ports present in them enabling the use of Wireless mouse.
Response TimeA Bluetooth mouse can get laggy.A wireless mouse works seamlessly.
Use Of PortsA Bluetooth mouse does not require any ports. A Wireless mouse requires a port to connect the dongle
Battery LifeA Bluetooth mouse is capable of working for a few weeks before the battery needs to be changed.A Wireless mouse can last for months before the battery needs to be replaced with a new one.
CostA Bluetooth mouse on average cost around $12.5A Wireless mouse on average cost around $10

If you’re confused about which mouse to buy, then we can help you. Just read the difference between wireless and Bluetooth mouse, and you will get clarity over your thoughts.

1. Connectivity of Bluetooth vs Wireless mouse

The fundamental distinction between a Wireless (RF) mouse and a Bluetooth mouse is a USB Dongle. A Wireless mouse needs a USB Dongle to connect; besides, a Bluetooth mouse needs a transmitter to communicate and connect with your computer’s receiver.

2. Compatibility of Bluetooth vs Wireless mouse  

One of the greatest distinctions amongst the Wireless vs Bluetooth mouse is their compatibility with other devices apart from PCs. Several devices like those without USB ports should have Bluetooth hardware installed. While an RF one does not require the device to have Bluetooth hardware and thus has more compatibility. Besides, the RF mouse is limited to any device with a USB port that could fit its dongle well.

3. Response time of Bluetooth vs Wireless mouse  

One drawback of a Bluetooth connection is that it’s comparatively slower than RF and wired connections. Also, Bluetooth connections lag too much. You can use an RF mouse for a seamless device connection when traveling. These are faster and less laggy. You must get both an RF-powered keyboard and an RF mouse keyboard. It’s not compulsory but will benefit you by connecting with a single dongle.

4. Use of Ports 

A majority of the devices restricts to fewer USB ports. So, it becomes difficult for you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Moreover, connecting a wireless mouse will restrict you from connecting any additional peripheral to the port. However, a Bluetooth Mouse doesn’t require a port.

5. Battery Life of Bluetooth vs Wireless mouse

Both wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse require the use of batteries. Typically, the battery of both of them lasts around 3-4 months; the rest depends upon usage. However, a Bluetooth mouse consumes more battery than a wireless mouse as it needs constant communication between the transmitter and receiver.

6. Cost of Bluetooth vs Wireless mouse  

A wireless mouse will cost you less than a Bluetooth mouse. However, most of the devices don’t support Bluetooth technology, and in such a case, you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter. But this is not the case with a wireless mouse; it needs ports to connect. You can go through this list of ours to find the best wireless and Bluetooth gaming mouse. 

The Conclusion

So, this is an on-point discussion on the difference between Bluetooth Mouse and Wireless Mouse. To get a clear idea, a Bluetooth mouse consumes a lot more battery, but it doesn’t consume any port of your device.

Whether you wish to buy a Bluetooth mouse or a wireless mouse, it’s entirely up to you! Think wisely, as per your needs, budget, prerequisites, the features you desire. Consider the pros and cons of both the mouse well before buying! In case you think we have forgotten to add any important point, do let us know in the comment section. Also, tell us which mouse do you prefer the most and why?


The answer is yesA Bluetooth mouse is a wireless input device that uses radio waves for effective communication with your computer.

Since the wireless mouse gets power from the battery, you need to get the new one once it drains completely. However, the last wireless mouse that I purchased 3 years back is still working.

I will answer this in two parts:-

  • If you are a gamer or an aspiring gamer, I recommend you buy a Bluetooth Mouse above 500 Hz. However, if you choose a lower hertz Bluetooth mouse, chances are it might lag.
  • If you are a business professional, student, or gadget freak working on apps like photoshop, we will always upvote the Wireless mouse because of its performance and battery life. However, it will require one of your device ports.

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