Gateron vs Cherry Switches | Detailed Comparison

Gateron vs Cherry Switches

Every gamer out there knows the importance of having the right keyboard in place. A good keyboard might be the exact boost you are looking for to enhance your gameplay. This is because gaming keyboards or mechanical keyboards are designed explicitly to handle heavy and hard keystrokes. Gaming keyboards have been around for a while. While there are plenty of options already available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the right one. 

These keyboards are equipped with heavy-duty switches, and the gossip over the switch brand is something you’ll find across every gaming community. Switch brands have always been a hot debate amongst gamers and seem to get hotter with time. This is because several manufacturers have now introduced their own line of keyboard switches in the market. However, the debate between Gateron and Cherry switches is the one that has been in place for almost a decade. 

While both Gateron and Cherry come with their unique set of perks and abilities, the gossip over the better brand continues to prevail. Therefore, we have decided to map out an overall Gateron Vs. Cherry comparison map. With Gateron more focused on smoother and cost-effective switches, Cherry remains ultimately focused on quality and innovation.

In this article, we will be mapping out the critical differences between Gateron Vs. Cherry switches. We will be including every aspect that differentiates between the two to help you fixate better on the type of switch to go for. 

Gateron Switches

Manufactured in Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co. ltd, Gateron Switches was launched back in 2000. Despite minimal marketing by the brand, Gateron remains one of the top manufacturers in the gaming industry. Gateron switches are widely recognized as the smoothest mass-produced switches that can primarily enhance your productivity and overall typing experience. The primary reason why Gateron continues to gain market share is that these switches are softer than Cherry. 

Gateron has multiple mass-produced switches under its belt. However, choosing the right switch can be tough. Here are the Gateron switches to help you decide.

Different Types Of Gateron Switches

There are a total of 7 Gateron switches namely.

  • Gateron Red
  • Gateron Blue
  • Gateron Brown
  • Gateron White
  • Gateron Yellow
  • Gateron Black
  • Gateron Green

Here is a detailed specification chart for all the different Gateron switches

Gateron Switches
Gateron Switches Actuation ForcePre-Travel DistanceTravel DistanceBehaviorSound LevelBest Suited For

Cherry Switches

Manufactured in Germany, Cherry switches are designed explicitly to provide users with maximum reliability by focusing on quality and innovation. Founded back in 1953, Cherry Switches started their manufacturing in a small basement in Illinois. Since then, Cherry switches have come a long way and are often credited with inventing the mechanical switch industry. Apart from reliability, Cherry switches provide audible feedback with each keypress. 

Different Types Of Cherry Switches

Similar to Gateron switches, Cherry switches too have multiple types. There are a total of 14 Cherry switches. Each type is designed to cater to a particular set of audiences. The 14 Cherry switches are as follows.

  • Cherry Red
  • Cherry Blue
  • Cherry Brown
  • Cherry Silent Red
  • Cherry Speedy Silver
  • Cherry Nature White
  • Cherry Black
  • Cherry Silent Black
  • Cherry Linear Gray
  • Cherry Clear
  • Cherry Tactile Gray
  • Cherry White/New White
  • Cherry Green
Cherry Switches
Cherry SwitchesActuation ForcePre-Travel DistanceTravel DistanceBehaviorSound LevelBest Suited For
Silent Red45±15gf1.9mm3.7mmLinearQuietOffice
Nature White55±15gf2.0mm4.0mmLinearQuietOffice
Silent Black60±15gf1.9mm3.7mmLinearQuietOffice
Linear Gray80±15gf2.0mm4.0mmLinearQuietOffice
Tactile Grey80±15gf2.0mm4.0mmTactileGentleOffice/Gaming
White/New White50±15gf / 70±15gf2.0mm4.0mmClicky/TactileClickyGaming
Speed Silver45±15gf1.0mm3.4mmLinearQuietOffice

Gateron Vs Cherry Switches

Let us take a look at the fundamental differences between Gateron and Cherry Switches.

Gateron SwitchesCherry Switches
Short Life-SpanLong-Lasting
Fewer OptionsMultiple Options

1. Smoothness

Gateron switches are designed using linear switch variation, which makes them smoother than Cherry switches. While cherry switches have a more tight stem fit, gateron switches have a smaller stem that allows for smoother keystrokes. Overall, Gateron’s linear switches are smoother than Cherry’s tactile and clicky switches. 

2. Actuation Force

The actuation distance and spring force are majorly equal in both Gateron and Cherry switches. Actuation force refers to the overall pressure required to press down a keystroke hard enough to complete one full keystroke. In the case of Gateron and Cherry switches, the actuation force depends on a specific switch (linear, tactile, clicky) and varies accordingly. 

3. Actuation Travel

As mentioned above, both Gateron and Cherry switches have the same actuation travel distance. The actuation travel distance refers to the point at which the key is pressed down hard enough to initiate an action between the keyboard and the computer. In the case of Gateron and Cherry switches, the actuation distance is generally 2mm, whereas the total travel distance is around 4 mm. 

4. Key Feel

Gateron switches have a tremendous overall keystroke feel than Cherry switches. Gateron’s linear Meanwhile offer smoother keystrokes, ultimately giving you a good feeling every time you work. Meanwhile, Cherry’s tactile and clicky switches are slightly rough around the edges and aren’t as smooth as Gateron’s.

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5. Noise

Apart from being smooth and offering a great overall feel, Gateron’s linear switches are quiet. This means there will be minimal keystroke sounds every time you initiate a keystroke. Meanwhile, Cherry switches are designed explicitly for people who love the clickety of their keyboards. Given their tactical and clicky switch combination, Cherry switches are louder than Gateron switches. 

6. Durability

While both Gateron and Cherry promise to deliver 50 million actuations, Gateron Optical Switches up that number to over 100 million actuations. However, the major drawback is the Gateron switches offer NO warranty on their switches. Meanwhile, Cherry switches provide a warranty for up to 50 million actuations. 

Type Comparison

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown

Brown switches are referred to as tactile switches and are generally the ultimate choice amongst gamers when it comes to buying a mechanical keyboard. These brown switches require a little pressure to trigger the keycaps. Cherry Brown switches are a bit louder than the Gateron Brown switches and generally feel nice and solid. 

Gateron Red vs Cherry Red

Gateron Red vs Cherry Red

Red switches are Linear Switches, meaning they offer a classic feel, making them the perfect fit to be used in the office. Both Gateron and Cherry red switches have the same actuation force, travel distance, and the overall feel is also the same. However, the Gateron Red switches tend to be slightly lighter and smoother than the Cherry Red switches. Although there is a subtle difference between the two, both are equally good to be used for your office needs. 

Gateron Blue vs Cherry Blue

Gateron Blue vs Cherry Blue

Blue generally refers to the clicky switches, and people typically opt for blue switches because they love the keyboard’s clicky sound every time they work or game. However, the Gateron Blue has a lower actuation force than the Cherry Blue. This means that you require less pressure when pressing a Gateron Blue switch.  

Gateron Vs Cherry Switches: Which One Is Better?

The debate amongst gamers concerning the better switch brand is bound to go on and on. Note that both these switches come with their unique sets of perks, skills, aspects, and so on. These brands are equally good when it comes to delivering what they promised. However, the answer to which one is the better switch ultimately comes down to the user preference. Some gamers may enjoy the clicky noise made by their keyboard, whereas some prefer a quieter keyboard when they work or game. 

However, looking at the overall stats, reviews, and user preference, Gateron switches tend to come out on top. From everything we have considered in this comparison, we have come to the conclusion that Gateron switches are slightly better than Cherry switches. Because of the linear switch variation, Gateron switches are smooth to use. These switches have a smaller stem design that allows for smoother keystrokes.

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