How to Hold a Mouse Properly

How to Hold a Mouse Properly

A good technique to hold the mouse may seem like a trivial skill for many computer and laptop users. However, for gamers who spend hours behind a screen annihilating their opponents, it can mean the difference between winning or losing.  

The mouse is a very important piece of equipment as it provides two-dimensional movement. To a gamer, a mouse is used to shoot, reload and toggle through their weapons in a first-person shooter or other games. It is your weapon control and just like you need to learn properly to hold a gun IRL, one must know how to properly hold a mouse. 

Here we will learn some of the factors that must be considered when learning how to hold a mouse correctly. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the common ways to hold a mouse. There is no best way to hold a mouse as it may differ based on the preference of the user.  

How to Properly Hold a Mouse

The key to holding a mouse properly has the same principles of doing yoga or standing straight. The idea is to be able to hold a mouse in such a way that you can use it efficiently. Also, one must hold the mouse in such a way that prolonged use does not cause any pain or discomfort. The following tips will help get you started.

  • Keeping your elbow at a 90-degree angle helps reduce over-stressing your arm. You shouldn’t have to reach too far from your body. 
  • Have a comfortable grip on the mouse. You mustn’t grab the mouse too tightly. Just let your hand lightly rest on it. This will help have a quick reaction time and avoid any discomfort in the future. 
  • People make the mistake of using their wrists to navigate the mouse. Your wrist is more fragile compared to the arm. Using your wrist to move the mouse may develop pain in the region. Hence use your entire arm to move around the mouse. 
  • A floating arm is the worst way to control the mouse. Firstly because you are prone to making unnecessary movements. Secondly, your arm will get tired easily. 
  • Dots per inch (DPI) is the measure of how sensitive your mouse is. Higher DPI means a highly sensitive mouse. With a high DPI, your travel time to cause any action reduces drastically. Set your DPI to get the best comfort.
  • Though it’s unheard of, some individuals use more than one finger to click the buttons. Try not to use more than two fingers to click the buttons. 
  • Other than holding the mouse correctly, sometimes you just need to let go of the mouse. Long hours of gaming can cause fatigue and reduce response time. So it is advised to take a break after a long gaming session.  

1. Mouse Size

Mouse Size

The size of your mouse will decide the comfort level for your hand. The type of mouse will also help identify the mouse grip that you must use. While a large mouse is good for comfort and best suited for palm grip style, a flat mouse is best suited for gamers looking to gain an advantage in first or third-person shooter games. 

2. Comfort

Mouse comfort depends on many factors. The size of the mouse, placement of the keys, the pressure required to press the buttons and the weight of the mouse are some of the key features that must be kept in mind. While these features cannot be customized you can change the way you grip your mouse. A full palm contact technique while your arm and elbows rest on the desk is the most comfortable technique to use a mouse. 

3. Mouse Controls

For better use, holding the mouse correctly is not the only method. You must also adjust your mouse controls. When using the mouse, you will notice that the mouse is running slower or faster based on your preference. If this is the case, you can adjust the speed and size of the mouse cursor from the control panel. The time between double clicks can also be increased or decreased from system settings. 

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4. Mouse Posture

Posture is a very important discussion point when it comes to the health of your body. May it is standing or sitting, posture is very important. The same goes for the way you hold your mouse. While an ergonomic mouse can reduce stress on your hand, posture is important.

The best way to approach a good posture is by gripping the mouse in such a way that your forearm and wrist rest comfortably on the desk. When using the mouse, lightly raise your wrist and use the forearm to navigate the mouse. This will reduce the chances of straining the wrist and the chances of carpal tunnel. Read more about posture in our separate guide on Best Gaming Posture & Ergonomic Gaming Setup.

Mouse Grip Styles

There are different ways to hold a mouse when it comes to gaming. Each grip is modified to the users need and comfort. However, the gaming community has identified three forms of grips that best fits the needs of gamers. These grips are Palm Grip, Fingertip Grip and Claw Grip. 

The best suited mouse grip is decided based on your comfort level with each of them and the kind of mouse you have. Read on ahead to get a better description of each grip and find out which fits your needs best. 

1. Palm Grip

Best Palm Grip Gaming Mouse

This method of holding the mouse is the most common in the gaming industry. It is the most straightforward method and least demanding for gripping and moving around the mouse. 

In this grip method, your entire palm rests on the top part of the mouse. It is common against all mouse users. Due to the relaxed nature of this grip, there is a minor chance of you developing cramping or any strain-related pain in your hands. 

This is a diverse grip as it is used by the majority of computer users. In the context of gaming, this grip does not provide speed or accuracy like the other grips but is known to be good for a marathon gaming session. 

The palm grip is not used by gamers for a prolonged period. It is more of an intermediary grip. While using the more advanced grips like claw or fingertip, the palm grip can be used to relax your hand during a long match. 

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2. Fingertip Grip

Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

The fingertip grip is the most uncommon grips today and primarily used by gamers. Though uncommon and quite difficult to master, this grip can be used to gain a competitive edge against your opponents in an intense shooter game. 

As the name suggests, in this grip only the fingertips are used to click the buttons rather than laying the complete finger on top of the button. The quick response helps you click the buttons at high speeds and helps you place the mouse into place quickly. 

This type of grip is not made for a multiple button mouse. No mouse is created specifically for this grip. However, the simplicity of the mouse is necessary to move the mouse using just the fingertips. A mouse best suited for such a grip will be flat in look and lightweight compared to most conventional mice. 

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3. Claw Grip

Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

The claw grip uses the best parts of the fingertip and palm grip to form an all-rounder. This type of grip is most common amongst standard gamers and normal PC users alike. As the name suggests, you arch your fingers when placed on top of the buttons while just a portion of your palm rests on the backside of the mouse. 

You can either use your index and middle finger or for better response use the index, middle and ring finger. The latter leaves your middle finger free to use the middle key roller and other macro keys.  

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The mouse is the most active hardware used for user input while the keyboard remains a close second. As your main source for input, it is necessary to hold this tool the best way possible. The above-mentioned tips and grips are suited for everyone who has a PC at home. You must now identify the one which best matches your needs. 

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