Founded in 2010, Just Gestures started as a mouse gesture application that recognizes the mouse gestures made by the user. Due to lack of time availability for the development of the application, the creator, Miroslav Dzurenko, released the application as open source on Github under MIT license. The application is still available on Github to download. Do try the application as it is free and a time consuming application.

The owners of the website has been changed and now Just Gestures is a Mouse Review website. We compare different mice, monitor performance of each mouse and perform various tests to release an unbiased review. Our moto is that every user should have a mouse which is suitable for his/her needs. You want a gaming mouse? Mouse for FPS gaming? You need mouse for Photoshop? Want a claw grip mouse? or a fingertip or palm grip? We have you covered with our in-depth mouse review and guide.

Check out our some of the best mouse reviews & guides:

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Mouse Guides

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