Rubber Dome vs Membrane Keyboards: Which is Better?

Rubber Dome vs Membrane Keyboards

A keyboard is not always the first thing to cross your mind while gaming on your computer. However, a suitable keyboard can make your gaming much more enjoyable. Any veteran gamer can vouch for the importance of a gaming keyboard.

We can further classify keyboards into two broad groups based on their build. They are rubber dome keyboards and membrane keyboards. Moreover, today’s extensive range of advanced keyboards is changing how we play games on our PC.

Read on about membrane vs rubber dome keyboards and understand which one is ideal for you.

What Is A Rubber Dome Keyboard

What Is A Rubber Dome Keyboard

These keyboards are modified versions of the membrane keyboards. Rubber dome keyboards employ similar switching technology by using a thin sheet of silicone that presents itself as the spring and the contact point.

This keyboard type provides a better tactile response than a membrane keyboard. However, the membrane provides an accurate key actuation because the keyboard tightly fits with rubber. You will notice that a lot of Topre Switches are found on Rubber Dome Keyboards.

Pros and Cons of a Rubber Dome Keyboard

Let us take a brief look at what this keyboard brings to the table by weighing its pros and cons:


  • Better LongevityEnhanced Typing Experience
  • Unmatched Stability


  • Increased Price Tag
  • Noise Created by the keys
  • Inconvenience due to weight

What Is a Membrane Keyboard?

What Is a Membrane Keyboard?

These keyboards are composed of membrane switch technology. Furthermore, the keys in this keyboard are pressure pads printed on a flat but flexible surface. Since this keyboard has no separate moving parts, they provide very little tactile feedback.

In a membrane keyboard, the electrical currents are continuously dormant. When the user presses the key, the current completes and performs the action. These keyboards are famous for their minimalistic and compact design, making them inexpensive and common to find in chiclet or regular keyboards.

Pros And Cons Of a Membrane Keyboard

Let us take a brief look at what this keyboard brings to the table by weighing its pros and cons:


  • Inexpensive to Purchase
  • Resistance to Dirt 
  • Minimalistic Design for Ease in Work


  • Functionality Might be Inconsistent
  • Insignificant Tactile Feedback
  • Smaller in Size

Rubber Dome vs Membrane: The Real Difference

Both “rubber dome” keyboards and “membrane” keyboards might sound esoteric and complex initially; however, their meanings are pretty simple. In essence, they mean two distinct ways the keys on a keyboard will interact with the switching mechanism.

The switch mechanism determines the pre-travel and critical response and considers before deciding upon a keyboard. Unfortunately, due to most keyboards using these technologies, these terms have become synonymous.

When it comes to a membrane keyboard vs rubber dome, the primary difference is the number of keys registered in one moment. This difference is because the membrane keyboard notes only one key. Therefore, if you pressed other keys as well, the chances are that they were not registered altogether. On the other hand, in a rubber dome switch, you can write multiple keys in one go. Due to this reason, many gamers prefer using a rubber dome.

What to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

What to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

Choosing and buying the best gaming keyboard will make an apparent change in your experience of playing games. However, due to the increase in the popularity of PC games and PC as a gaming platform, a plethora of gaming keyboards have been released by several manufacturers.

To ensure a top-notch gaming experience, you must consider several aspects that constitute a well-balanced gaming keyboard. Some of the essential elements are as follows:

1. Size

The size of the keyboard is equivalent to the number of keys that are on it. Therefore, more prominent keyboards will include more keys when compared to smaller keyboards. In addition, standard-size keyboards come with a number-pad; if you do not need it, a smaller keyboard is a better bet.

2. Key Rollover and Anti Ghosting

Key Rollover is the keyboard’s ability to manage several keys pressed at once or in a quick sequence. Although this feature is almost unnecessary in daily use, it is different in gaming. Since gaming can be demanding, choosing a keyboard that constantly performs well under extreme usage is crucial.

This feature becomes increasingly important as you start playing more competitive games. So, if you love to play with high intensity, this feature is essential.

3. Membrane vs Mechanical Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are better suited for everyday work, such as typing on laptops or PCs. Although also used for gaming, membrane keyboards often underperform while playing competitive games. On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard is much more durable and receptive, making it the perfect peripheral device to indulge in intense gaming. 

Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can opt for the keyboard of your choice. For example, a membrane keyboard is an excellent choice if you want a nice keyboard that comes at a cheap price tag. On the other hand, if you need a keyboard for dedicated gaming, a mechanical keyboard can help you for a long time.

4. Customization and Macro Buttons

Today you can customize several keyboards with specialized keys. For example, you can get 10 to 20 added programmable keys that you can use to improve your gaming. Furthermore, you can also get a gaming keyboard that allows LED light to pass through the keyboard upon pressing the keys.

Other customization ideas include the replacement of keycaps with different materials of your choice. These can consist of durable plastic. To make your keyboard even more customized, you can incorporate specific designs and logos.

It would be best to get a keyboard to support the required changes to make these customizations happen.

5. Price

The cost of the gaming keyboard is the first factor that you have to consider. The average price for a gaming keyboard lies between $50-$150. Therefore, you must ascertain your requirements by evaluating your gaming needs before buying a keyboard. For example, if you play games that require heavy keyboard usage, it is better to opt for a high-end keyboard with extra keys.

The Conclusion

It is a no-brainer that a peripheral device is essential for gaming and working on a PC. Choosing the right keyboard with the right features can heavily enhance your user experience while you use your computer. 

It is also necessary to understand that each keyboard is designed for different purposes. For example, a membrane keyboard can give you a better value if your requirement is everyday work. Similarly, a mechanical keyboard is a better choice for competitive gaming. By choosing the right keyboard, you can get a sturdy keyboard at a great price.


A rubber dome keyboard can be an excellent choice for a keyboard that will last longer and give you a solid performance throughout your time with it. Rubber dome keyboards also provide a fantastic typing experience that you will appreciate if you look for a great keyboard. The only downsides to rubber dome keyboards are bulky weight and clicking sounds during typing. However, excluding these, you get a keyboard that will perform well under stress.

Mechanical keyboards are the top choice for many gamers. The primary reason for this is better durability and faster response time when compared to membrane keyboards. Another reason why mechanical keyboards enjoy heavy popularity is the presence of specific mechanical keyboards made solely for gaming.

You can find an efficient and excellent mechanical keyboard within the $200 to $600 mark.

Equipped with everything that you might require for everyday use, such as typing and work, membrane keyboards are versatile and can prove to be handy. These keyboards are light in weight and resistant, making them perfect for carrying around with ease. These reasons make membrane keyboards ideal for office workers and casual gamers alike.

Rubber dome switches are commonly used in a keyboard these days. These switches use small rubber sheets or coverings pushed downwards to complete the circuit. These switches come with significant advantages such as lower costs and a quieter work environment.

Rubber dome switches are very quiet to use and feel, making them ideal to use in a public place or office. Rubber domes also come in several types. Some are tactile, while some can be completely depressed. These switches are not considered mechanical switches.

Although a membrane keyboard might come at a lower price, they are not suitable for gaming with a lightweight built and design. Membrane keyboards have a mushy feel to them and have a shorter lifespan. On top of that, users can register only one key in a single moment. Assigning one key in a single moment means that sometimes the keys pressed will not be registered. Not registering the pressed keys is disadvantageous in a gaming setting.

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