What are Holy Panda Switches | Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda Switches

What are Holy Panda Switches

Mechanical keyboards give an amazing feeling when you use them. They are sturdy, durable, and produce a nice bumping noise. Mechanical keyboards can be used for gaming, typing, and more. These keyboards have switches under every key. This allows you to type more quickly and accurately.

You can choose between linear, tactile, and clicky keyboard switches. There are various other mechanical switches available. One such amazing switch is the Holy Panda switches. If you want to know more about this switch, this article will help you. Also, we are going to compare the Holy Panda and Glorious Panda switches.

What are Holy Panda Switches

Holy Panda Switches

The Holy Panda Switch is an amazing mechanical switch. This switch is a combination of the Ivery Panda switch, which is a linear switch, and the Halo switch, which is a tactile switch. The Holy Panda switch consists of the strong housing and spring of the Ivery Panda switch and the stem from the Halo switch.

These switches were created by Quakemz. These keys are popular for two reasons: they’re tactile with a distinct bump, and they sound great when used on the correct keyboards. These switches have a better shape and feel. However, they don’t sound as good as the Zealios v1 switches. 

Switch NameHoly Panda Switches
Manufactured byDrop, Glorious, YOK & Fekker
Housing MaterialPolycarbonate (top housing) and Nylon (bottom housing)
MountPlate mount
LubricationLubed or Unlubed

What Makes Holy Panda Switches Different?

What Makes Holy Panda Switches Different

Holy Panda switches are amazing mechanical switches. The construction of these switches makes them different from others. The housing of the Ivery Panda switch along with the Halo stem gives a nice tactile feel to the switch. The strong housing provides an amazing bump noise which many users find satisfactory.

In short, the Holy Panda switch provides the best of two different switches. These switches are sturdy, durable, provide great stability, and more. Also, they are available at an affordable price. They are not too high nor too cheap.

Are Holy Pandas Good for Gaming?

For gaming, many users opt for linear switches as they have no resistance and provide a great response time. This gives gamers an upper hand while playing FPS games. Most people don’t opt for tactile switches for gaming.

As the Holy Panda is made by combining both linear and tactile switches, many mechanical switch users have doubts about whether they can use Holy Panda switches for gaming. The Holy Pandas weigh 67g, which is heavier if you are not used to heavy switches. Most people don’t use Holy Pandas for gaming. I would not recommend these switches for gaming as they are not smooth.


  • Best of two different switches (Ivery Panda + Halo stem)
  • Made with good quality housing materials
  • Great stability
  • Fast fingers movements with superb response time
  • Provides a great user experience with satisfying typing and keystroke sound


  • Some variants are very expensive
  • Comparatively heavier
  • Not suitable for gaming

Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda Switches

Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda Switches

The Holy Panda and the Glorious Panda switches are amazing mechanical switches. The switches are similar to each other in a few aspects. The Holy Panda switches are more popular than the Glorious Panda switches.

The Holy Panda switches are more tactile and have a nice bumping sound. It provides a nice feeling when you use these switches. Quality-wise, these switches are not great, but you will definitely enjoy using them.

The Glorious Panda switches are cheaper than the Holy Panda and yet have better build quality. The Glorious Panda makes a metallic noise and is not stable. This is the reason people don’t use these switches. But these switches surely provide value for your money.

1. Build Quality 

When you compare the Glorious Panda switch and the Holy Panda switch in terms of build quality, the Glorious Panda is a clear winner. The stems of the Glorious Panda switches are unstable and move in an east-west direction. When you dismantle both the switches, you will notice that both the switches have similar stems, but the Glorious Panda stems are a little longer.

The Holy Panda Switches have strong housing, which makes them more stable. Even though Holy Panda has a strong housing and a similar stem to Glorious Panda, many users have reported broken stem legs, found specks of debris inside the switches, and more. While there is no such issue with the Glorious Panda switches.

2. Feel

The Holy Panda Switches and the Glorious Panda Switches have the same 67g spring and copper leaf. Both the switches provide a heavy tactile feel when you use them. But due to the long stems, the Glorious Panda switches feel heavier than the Holy Panda switches when you use them.

Mostly, when you buy switches, they are unlubed and are a little scratchy to use. But the Holy Panda switches are lubed in the factory and hence provide a smooth and fast response from the start itself compared to the Glorious Panda switches. Due to this, the Holy Panda switches have an upper hand over the Glorious Panda switches when it comes to the feel of the switches.

3. Sound

The Holy Panda switches are more tactile than the Glorious Panda switches. They make a deep bass sound when you press the keys. On the other hand, the Glorious Panda switches make a metallic noise when you press the keys.

The noise made by the Holy Panda switches is more soothing and satisfactory. Hence, when it comes to sound, the Holy Panda switches are clear winners.

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The Holy Panda switches are amazing mechanical switches. These switches have a 67g spring, which makes them unsuitable for gaming. And many people have problems related to the build quality of the Holy Panda switches. When you compare the Holy Panda with the Glorious Panda, the Holy Panda switches provide better overall performance, but they are expensive comparatively.

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